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Where to Buy an Electric Car?

There are few options available in the UAE of which:

- Tesla

- Alnaboda

- Alghandy

- Renault



over 600 chargers of different types are implemented in the UAE that can recharge your EV:

- Some are compatible with any type of car or charging cable.

- Some are only compatible with certain vehicles, like Tesla.

- Some chargers are fast (50 kW).

- Some chargers are slow (7.4 kW).


You don't really need regular maintenance if you own an EV!

-There are no "engine" fluids to be changed.

- Regenerative brakes significantly extend your braking pad life span.

- we are left with tires change, which still needs to be changed as a regular car.

you can still have a maintenance contract with the dealership you got the car from for safety measures.